Hi Scott, I just wanted to let you know that one of our crews used your product for the first time yesterday. We had a fairly large grass fire quite far from our Engine so the Captain used the manifold system to tackle the fire. He was very pleased at how your product allowed them to extend 1000 feet of hose in little time and prevent this fire from getting any larger. Nice job on the invention.

Peter Methot, Assistant Fire Chief/Training
Langley City Fire Rescue

100 Mile House Fire-Rescue has used the Interface Manifold in a multitude of situations including brush fires, fire investigations, decon and grass fires to name a few. It is a great tool to have on the apparatus.

Darrell Blades, Fire Chief
100 Mile House Fire-Rescue

Scott Kyle a volunteer firefighter in Pitt Meadows has developed an ingenious method of using a manifold and light ,easily moved forestry hose to fight grass and brush fires. Pitt Meadows 34 square miles is over 80% agricultural land and we attend many grass and brush fires each year. Scott’s innovative “invention” has allowed us to quickly and efficiently attack and extinguish these fires before they spread and threaten other properties and buildings. We have put Scott’s “Interface Manifold” on all our apparatus and our firefighters love not having to haul those heavy hoses any more..

Bill Park, Fire Chief
Pitt Meadows Fire Department

The ‘Interface Manifold’ has revolutionized response to interface and grassland firefighting. Its extreme flexibility has also proven invaluable at such diverse incidents as chimney fires and decontamination. The manifold is packaged with lightweight, low cost forestry hose and adjustable nozzles into an easy to carry backpack. This innovation has enabled the fire service to reduce workload and exertion levels at a variety of incidents.

Don Jolley, Deputy Fire Chief
Langley City Fire Rescue Service