The Interface Manifold

 Integrating wildland hose with standard 1-1/2" structural firefighting apparatus and hose lines.




After experiencing repeated heavy exertion at interface fires, particularly grassland, an "outside the box" thinking firefighter decided that there had to be a better way! Armed with research on heat stress injuries for firefighters as well as information and legislation related to firefighting protective clothing, he set out to make the job of combating grassland and interface fire easier and more efficient. To meet the challenge, the Interface Manifold was created, and the results speak for themselves!

Watch our product demonstration to see the Interface Manifold System in action!

The challenges were focused on three things:

  • to dramatically decrease the amount of effort required of firefighters during hot grassland and interface fires
  • to provide adequate fire flows to the fire perimeter to prevent lateral spread
  • the ultimate challenge of defeating the first two problems at locations significantly distant from the apparatus

The analysis of these challenges resulted in a design with some key principles:

  • the hose to be used had to be lightweight, easily carried and packaged (versatile and transportable)
  • there had to be a capability of operating multiple lines of lightweight hose (versatile and flexible)
  • it required a seamless interface connection to structural hose (compatibility)
  • the whole thing needed to withstand the physical abuse it would face from firefighters and the elements (strength and durability)
But interface firefighting is not all this incredible tool can do for you!
It quickly became apparent to firefighters that this product had many uses besides interface fires.  Through typical firefighter ingenuity the Interface Manifold has become a valuable tool for decontamination procedures, chimney fires and fire investigations as well as many other applications.


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