Product Details

The Interface Manifold is a T-shaped device made from a short section of high strength metal pipe (durability) with a standard 1-1/2 inch female coupling (compatibility) on the leg section and four (4) brass threaded couplings with individual gate valves on the cross bar section (flexibility). These gated couplings are sized to fit standard issue 1 inch single jacket Hotshot forestry hose (max 300 psi). The hose itself comes rolled in 50 and 100 foot sections, at least eight (8) of which easily fit into a backpack along with the manifold assembly (transportability). The nozzles are brass ball-bearing with adjustable spray pattern (flexibility).

Water is supplied to the manifold via a standard 1-1/2 inch hose line supplied by either a portable or apparatus mounted pump. The ideal operating pressure is from 100-150 psi at the pump. At these pressures the Interface Manifold and forestry hose are able to maintain excellent fire flows at the nozzle, even at distances exceeding 1000 feet from the manifold (versatility). The hose and nozzle remain easy to handle and provide good ground penetration pressures as well as excellent stream distance capability. The manifold can be located at the end of any standard 1-1/2 inch hose line so operating distance from the pump is almost limitless.